Finally arrived yesterday :D !
…the cover’s so beautiful that it seems Pete is my house and I can’t stop looking into his deep BLUE EYES ♥

I’ve never looked in pete’s eyes and I’ve never met him, but I just know he’s the person i love the most in my life, he’s so deep and I just can’t explain but he saved n changed my life completely!

I hope one day I’ll look in his blue eyes n i’ll talk to him…that day is gonna be the most beautiful day in my life…after the one in wich I saw him on stage for the first time on TV and I fell in love ! I JUST WANNA SAY HIM THANK’S! I THINK I REALLY LOVE HIM! SUCH A DEEP AND STRANGE FEELING!




Don’t you know?

Beh…questo all’inizio doveva essere il testo di una canzone, che abbiamo scritto io ed una mia cara amica e compagna di classe (Sally 🙂 ), ma che poi è diventato il testo di una sorta di “poesia” o comunque un insieme di pensieri che ci sono saltati alla mente in quel momento.  Lei si è occupata soprattutto degli inizi di strofa ed io ho cercato di completare un po’ il tutto, ispirandomi e mettendomi nei panni del mio Pete Townshend, la mia musa ispiratrice.  Spero che vi piacca e che mi diate l’approvazione per il termine POESIA ;)!

I was walking down the street

many years ago

Don’t you know?

Don’t you know?

I was walking all alone

You should know

time runs so fast now,

I got crazy again

‘n It’s me

I’m the problem


It ain’t rock n roll

it ain’t drugs

My time goes too fast

I wish I could stop it!

And go back again,


Noone there for me

Noone when I really need

It’s easy to talk now

It’s easy to walk away,



I was terribly lonely

But you knew

and you didn’t stay!

You left me down there

again and again

You left me down there

just like the same…

I was walking down the street

many years ago

Don’t you know?

Don’t you know?

I was walking all alone

you should know


I’ve had enough – Quadrophenia

You were under the impression
That when you were walking forward
You’d end up further onward
But things ain’t quite that simple.

You got altered information
You were told to not take chances
You missed out on new dances
Now you’re losing all your dimples.

My jacket’s gonna be cut and slim and checked,
Maybe a touch of seersucker, with an open neck.
I ride a G.S. scooter with my hair cut neat,
Wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet.

Love Reign O’er Me.
Love Reign O’er Me.

I’ve had enough of living
I’ve had enough of dying
I’ve had enough of smiling
I’ve had enough of crying
I’ve taken all the high roads
I’ve squandered and I’ve saved
I’ve had enough of childhood
I’ve had enough of graves…

Get a job and fight to keep it,
Strike out to reach a mountain.
Be so nice on the outside
But inside keep ambition

Don’t cry because you hunt them
Hurt them first they’ll love you
There’s a millionaire above you
And you’re under his suspicion.

I’ve had enough of dancehalls
I’ve had enough of pills
I’ve had enough of streetfights
I’ve seen my share of kills
I’m finished with the fashions
And acting like I’m tough
I’m bored with hate and passion
I’ve had enough of trying to love.

…spero di non essere l’unica a credere che questa si pura poesia, magia…
qualcosa di davvero profondo!